Embracing the human experience

Our employees stand at the very heart of our success – they devote their ideas, creativity, knowledge and spirit to ensuring that we can do our very best for our customers. And, we do our best to support and nurture them through customized professional development programs, a good work-life balance and a corporate culture focused on involvement and inclusion.


At Quess, we are transitioning from an operational model to an experiential model, and are embracing the ‘Human Experience’; a concept that places human beings at the center of all strategies, to create valuable connections and inspire feelings of belonging, certainty, curiosity and empowerment.


To further this effort, we are happy to announce three new employee leaves and policies at Quess.

Wellness leave

A no-questions-asked leave that an employee can take whenever they are feeling blah, or just need a break and want to unwind for a few days. This leave serves our greater purpose of recognizing the importance of physical, mental, spiritual, and social wellness in each individual's life – and the urgent need to prioritize it. We are all human - with our share of ups and downs – and the ability and choice to take a step back, take a deep breath and prepare for what comes next is essential. Our Wellness leave empowers you to put you first.  

Sthree Work from Home Policy

An inclusive work-from-home policy for women and transgender employees who menstruate. We understand that everyone goes through unique experiences and want to create an inclusive environment that fosters a culture of trust and acceptance for all our employees. This policy provides its users a pathway to be happier, more comfortable and more productive, while combatting the stigma about menstruation. We strongly believe that our female employees are fearless, driven and empowered; all we hope to do is provide them a little comfort while they chart their road to success.

Happiness Leave

A leave to celebrate and be joyous with your loved ones! Whether it is a birthday, an anniversary or any other ‘happy’ occasion in your life, you deserve a day off! With this leave we hope your calendar is filled with more than just work meetings, and you never feel like you missed out on a big moment in your or your loved one’s life.


Supriya Naik