Plunge into an
OCEAN of opportunities

Anurag Vishwakarma
Vice President & Head, Talent Acquisition

Our Leadership Principles

They steer our actions, guide our growth and are the constant in an ever-changing landscape.

Explore avenues for growth

Creating new possibilities where opportunities are maximised while achieving sustained growth.

Embracing ownership of challenges

Assuming full responsibility while gaining an understanding of the challenges, opportunities and growth areas in order to deliver products that are fuelled by innovation.

Steering customer-focused innovation

Pioneering a new way to drive innovation by attracting, empowering and retaining entrepreneurs who actively shape the future of our organization and create promising opportunities to be adapted.

Dynamic processes & workflows

An organisational approach that fosters agility and speed while accelerating change and driving the adaptability of the firm while creating dynamic workflows.

Fostering a people-centric community

A community of peers committed to working collaboratively and building meaningful relationships that foster open communication across the organisation.

Our Ethos

Values we live by




Speed & Agility

We employ the brightest minds and give them the autonomy to steer innovation.

An opportunity to go global

Join, and experience a holistic professional journey. Work at our offices present at diverse geographies from around the world.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusivity

Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is rooted in the belief that all employees are a critical part of our success. We recognise that this makes us stronger and better equipped to embrace the opportunities.

Ethnicity, Race & Nationality

We champion multiculturalism while ensuring that we maximise the diversity of our employees across ethnicities and geographical backgrounds.


Our mission is to connect, empower, and support the advancement of all gender by building a gender-balanced workforce.

Diversity of thought

We seek to embrace and value the varied intellectual competencies and the invaluable experiences that individuals possess.

Stakeholder diversity

We aim at developing & expanding relationship with diverse stakeholders spanning across customers, vendors and partners while ensuring fair trade practices.


We seek to ensure that employees from diverse educational backgrounds are represented while creating ample opportunities for the individuals to excel.

Communities & generational diversity

We seek to ensure that intergenerational representation of employees exists while creating ample opportunities for the individuals from diverse communities to be represented.

Special abilities

We aim at supporting individuals with physical, mental, and emotional disabilities and providing them with adequate assistance.

You can be a part of our journey as we strive to have one of the most balanced and gender-equal workforces globally, with females representing 50% of the workforce by 2025.

Work in an environment that encourages creativity, experimentation and knowledge sharing.