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Diversity and Inclusion at Quess

Fairness, equality, diversity, and inclusiveness forms the foundation of the Quess Nurturing Spirit. At Quess, we understand that these policies cannot just be on paper. They are good only if the need for such initiatives is clearly understood by all the people in the organization. For us at Quess, Diversity& Inclusion is a mindset and not just a policy

Ruchi Ahluwalia

Embracing the human experience

Our employees stand at the very heart of our success – they devote their ideas, creativity, knowledge and spirit to ensuring that we can do our very best for our customers. And, we do our best to support and nurture them through customized professional development programs, a good work-life balance and a corporate culture focused on involvement and inclusion.

Supriya Naik

Our return to the office

The future of work isn’t coming; it’s already here. After more than 24 months of remote work, and all the logistical and emotional baggage that came with motivating and driving yourself and your family through the global pandemic, it’s time to return to an office that you haven’t seen since March 2020.

Sunitha Karthikeyan

Starting my first job in my pajamas

All through college you dream and imagine what your first job will look like. What role will I get? Will I be able to manage the workload? Will I make any friends at work? Will I still have time for my hobbies? Will I get along with my team? Despite the hazy mist of all these questions, one thing is certain – the day I step into the office, my professional journey will begin.

Kanika Vaish

Are stay interviews here to stay?

Organizations do have various talent programs and experience processes in place, but on a real-time basis, talent retention needs to be an individual strategy rather than engagement. No doubt this seems like a painstaking process, but when talent acquisition is individualized, why not talent retention?

Vijay Sivaram and Marcel Parker

We strive to nurture our employees by engaging them with meaningful work.

Hear What Working
At Quess Feels Like

Arun Bhatia

Assistant VP @ Operations Quess Learning Solutions

Joining Quess as Deputy GM for Operations, today, I am the Assistant VP– Operations handling P&L for an entire business. Quess encouraged me, believed in my potential and inspired me to discover my strengths. My rapid growth within the organization is accredited to the endless opportunities they offered.

Lijo John

Senior Manager @ IFMS

Food and Beverage service has always been my passion. With Quess, I lived that passion in the last decade while serving various locations- Malaysia, Bangalore, Jaipur, and Sikkim. Quess helped sharpen my domain skills and deliver client satisfaction, giving me the confidence to handle an F&B environment worldwide!


Senior Regional Sales Manager @ APAC

After joining Quess in Account Management and Sales, I got a great opportunity in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, through an Internal Job Posting in just four years. At Quess, the management always encourages us to learn new things, as evident in our strong relationships with our customers and success.

Alok Sharma

Sales Manager @

When my family became infected during the 2nd wave of COVID 19, every hospital was full throughout Delhi NCR. But my CEO, HR, and seniors promptly lend their helping hand and strong emotional support. It really testifies to the nurturing and supportive culture at Quess!